Wednesday, 1 February 2012


So i am back home, been so for a while i must say the response from people about the blog and about the somalia trip was amazing, you people continue to amaze and inspire me i kid you not, you are the fire that keeps me running..As usual so much to talk about so little space we have..Today i feel that we should talk about appreciation.. heard about it right? everywhere we go, we have hear that, c'mon, you have heard it too.. " i am not appreciated" "i do not feel appreciated" simple word right? but lets look at the definition as always, a good place to start ( my lecturer would be so proud of me right now): I refer to the Meriam Webster dictionary:

a : judgment, evaluation; especially : a favorable critical estimate
b : sensitive awareness; especially : recognition of aesthetic values
c : an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude
d : increase in value

All of these in my view are both interrelated and they focus on people, a situation without which will birth so many problems....most of which are often unspoken...

So lets check it out, evaluation, especially a favourable critical estimate, to me this says this, first of all you need to appreciate you, love you, look at yourself in the mirror and fall in love, realize this that when God looks into the mirror He sees you and you are the best!.. When you look "within" you will also discover that you have faults, but this does not mean that you then focus on them or what someone said about you in comparison to another, that should not dictate the way you see yourself.Ladies and gentlemen,we are to give ourselves a "favorable critical estimate" judge your strengths and weaknesses but then, make it favorable, meaning, e fair, check and work on your weaknesses..

The second one deals with those around you, being sensitive to what each of your friends, family and loved one's bring to the table, what are their strengths and weaknesses, then according them the necessary appreciation..This also means truth, it means honesty, it means that you must draw line between your friends and your loved one's, how you treat them, how you speak to them in relation with other people this is all part of appreciating people..this line is often not clearly defined but we also have to appreciate the difference between people and things and situations..bottomline BE SENSITIVE

The third is the one that is most heard of and what most people crave, but see without the first two this third.. why do i say this well, if you are not appreciating yourself, if you do not have a well developed self esteem, them you cannot draw the line emotionally and thus you wil not be able to appreciate or in the bear the ability to appreciate, approve and admire people, because you are not doing it to yourself...

and it goes without say that without all the above you cannot " increase in value" you cannot get better you cannot grow, you cannot then stagnate. and Bishop Allan Kiuna says :if you are stagnating you are dying... "

So then what guess what? there is a way out! and the people said "yeeessssssss" It's simple: inspiration starts with you... progression starts with you.. TD jakes says " experience when it becomes tradition is dangerous" This to mean, you cannot solve today's problems with yesterdays answers, you need to appreciate, you need to add value, to even the way you tackle problems the way, you deal with issues, the way you deal with people.. If we are going to make any progress we must grow, how do we grow, learn to appreciate.

Appreciate yourself, you may not be where you want to be but you are definitely not where you used to be and you are not anyone's opinion..

Appreciate those who are in your life, lets not mince words here, if you don't and if they realize you don't, they will leave..

Appreciate, be Kind to people, approve, admire, without regrets

Appreciate: grow in value, be better...why? because you are better..



  1. What if you appericiate but those around you dont what are you to do then??? And what if you just dont know how to appreciate???

    1. Then you are dying!!!

    2. If you appreciate and those around you don't then my advise is this, continue appreciating, don't change your character because of a person or a temporary situation..and if you fell you are truly not being appreciated, let the peeople know talk about it, if they even make an attempt to change then you can give them a chance if they do not then walk away..peacefuly..

      If you dont know how to appreciate then you can learn, get material on the net read books, bottoline is try.. start with the simple things lie saying thank you or making a polite comment, get and be thankful for your own life begin to look at the positive aspects and get an attitude of gratitude..soon your altitude will change...go higher you can..i believe in you..

    3. thanks for that so ive been trying out your advice for quite some time and what ive realised is yu`ve gt to appreciate before others do too :)